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Seven Deadly Sins 2018

We proudly present our third annual Seven Deadly Sins Show! It is with PRIDE that we present to you our event this Devil’s night. Each previous show has generated provocative works by local artists, using their selected mediums to channel one of the Seven Deadlies... This year’s show will proudly carry this tradition forward as we explore the relationship between Art and Man’s dark side! Join us in this exploration of the dark side of humanity’s psyche...

2018 Talented Artists:
Nancy J. Rodwan- Mixed Media
Megan Aldorfer - Painting
Duane Miller – Photography/Digital Art
Rebecca Phoenix – Mixed Media
Sue Schneider - Mixed Media
Ozzy Abaddon (Azalea Saba) – Sculpture
Gregg Thacker- Print
Amy Kelly - Sculpture/Photography
Eric Zurawski - Painting
Evan Derian – Digital Art
Cyndy Weeks-Patterson - Mixed Media
Amy Wipp - Costume Design
Sommer Lynn - Interactive Installation